Henry Book: Telling your story: Building your brand

In this new world, everything and everyone is a brand.

People in business and careers recognize they have to “work on their brand” but seldom know how to achieve it. Just becoming known is not enough. Gathering followers is not enough. But standing for something and telling that story is everything.

I come from over 25 years in the advertising business. I run a branding firm where I have helped brands such as Toyota, J&J and today, Weather Network, RBC and others. I have assisted start-ups and mid-tier companies build their market presence.

During my career, I’ve developed a branding process that I take organizations and personal brand clients through so they can narrate their story. This includes people in business, entertainment, and politics. But often individuals who approach me see the benefit in what I do, but can't always afford the fees. I’m hoping that this book will give people access and insights into some of my experience as well as insights and an understanding into their own brand. It's part step-by-step guide, part story-sharing to get to your brand.

About the book

In 4 main parts, I cover:
1) Understanding your personal brand
2) Steps to creating your brand
3) Writing your narrative
4) Taking your brand to market

I start with insights, stories of my years in advertising and brand and share with you my methodology to achieving a well-formed personal brand. It’s my unique approach developed from my years of brand building that follows a storytelling approach. Inspired by the storyline structures found in fictional narratives, I will share the step-by-step techniques that I have applied to brands. It’s both a guide and book of insights for people to develop their personal brand.

What is unique

An approach to storytelling. Inspired by the storyline structures found in fictional narratives, I would share the step by step techniques that I have applied to brands.

Each chapter is meant to be a different way of getting at yourself in one self-contained book.

Want to gain a clearer insight into your self as a professional or business owner? Follow along with this guide and you will gain the how-to and know-how to tackle your brand and take it to the job or business market.

About me

I run a branding company called Vyoo (pronounced view), a branding and content company based in Toronto, where I get to be President and Brand Strategist. I’m a brand strategist, a writer, designer, creative director and talker.

Over 25+ years, from my days as Creative Director for global ad agency, Saatchi & Saatchi to today, I’ve guided small upstarts, SMEs, Fortune 500 companies. With award-winning ideas and strategies, I’ve helped such clients as Toyota and Procter & Gamble, as well as acted as a guru of sorts managing the people brands of politicians, professional athletes, TV personalities as well as execs with their personal brands.

What other pros say

Here's the story on Telling Your Story: A simple and effective guide to branding that's easy to understand and easy to apply. Behind every great brand is a story. Behind every great story is this book. The journey starts here. Enjoy it. I know I did.

Ron Tite

Author, Think Do Say

Personal branding can either feel murky or dismissed as simplistic. But in the middle lays the magic. Henry Wong is your sherpa through that magical middle earth.

Terry O’Reilly

Host of Under The Influence, CBC Radio One

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